Dubai Hair Transplant

Here are some absurd myths about hair transplants that you might be interested in learning about

People benefit from the boost in confidence that hair transplant provides; therefore, it is becoming increasingly popular with each passing year. However, some patients continue to discover that misunderstandings surrounding hair transplant prevent them from pursuing potentially life-changing Dubai hair transplant surgeries.

Here are some of the ridiculous myths regarding hair transplant , and we believe that by exposing these myths, more people will be able to profit from the chances that hair transplant provides.
Hair transplant will leave visible scars.

Any puncture to the skin results in the formation of a scar. This is the body’s natural healing process, although the scars from a hair transplant operation are small. Following a Dubai hair transplant treatment, the remaining hair normally covers up a few barely perceptible scars.
The hair transplant technique may impact the brain.

This is a somewhat silly myth. Hair transplant techniques only deal with the scalp’s skin. There is no effect on the brain.
Brushing your hair allows it to grow faster.

Brushing your hair for hours does not help improve its quality or length. Brushing your hair too frequently can actually damage the cuticles. Only brush your hair when necessary.
Cutting hair frequently promotes hair growth.

Cutting or trimming your hair does not affect its growth. Hair growth is associated with the scalp and roots rather than the tip of your hair. In fact, cutting your hair will make it appear healthier and fuller.
Massaging the scalp promotes hair repair and growth.

Physical stimulation of the scalp has no direct effect on the hair follicles. In reality, most individuals are unaware that prolonged rubbing can cause frictional damage to their hair.
Applying vitamins will aid in hair development.

Because your hair is primarily dead tissue, consuming vitamins or applying a vitamin tonic to the scalp has no effect on hair growth or fall.
Coloring your hair is not healthy.

Coloring your hair is safe and will not harm your newly repaired hair. In fact, coloring your hair a darker tone may increase its thickness and shine. Color helps your hair appear thicker.

End Note.

It is true that aging is one natural cause of hair thinning, but many other factors, such as overexposure to the sun, crash diets, and chemical treatments, all have an impact on hair health. By the age of 50, over 40 to 50 percent of men and women have lost their hair, and the number of hair transplant treatments performed each year is increasing.

Dubai Hair Transplant