The Rise of Streaming, SVOD, and AVOD

Sky and Virgin Media expect to lose one-sixth of their total Western European subscriber base over the next five years, prompting marketers to examine streaming alternatives. A poll done in 2022 revealed that 83 percent of respondents watched Netflix, 63 percent used Amazon Prime, and 51 percent used YouTube.

So, how can advertisers capitalize on the fact that streaming is becoming a more popular option for content consumers?
For starters, what is the distinction between SVOD and AVOD?
Subscription Video-On-Demand (SVOD) is a recurring fee for uninterrupted video content (e.g., Netflix). In contrast, AVOD (advertising-based video-on-Demand) refers to material that is streamed for free but requires consumers to watch advertisements to view it. There are two examples: 4OD and YouTube.

Agencies and media buyers must approach target audiences in order to reach them on television. They may switch from AVOD to AVOD, or possibly to a hybrid AVOD/SVOD model in which subscriptions are less expensive for seeing commercials without limits. You can utilize programmatic advertising on AVOD to ensure that your ad reaches the right audience and that you have direct access to relevant demographics and targeting types via AVOD hyper-targeting.

Modern technology allows us to watch on a variety of devices, including tablets, computers, and televisions. These devices all offer unique advantages and limitations, such as portability and size. While televisions are frequently the largest electronics in a home, they have a stronger influence on viewers; nevertheless, they are also the least mobile, limiting people to a particular spot as opposed to a tablet or portable device.

This suggests that one of the most essential components of streaming is the capacity to reach a customer via many devices.

Finally, with 83 percent of UAE consumers willing to watch ads in exchange for free streaming content and 19 percent entirely watching ads while streaming, targeting consumers on specific shows and getting them to resonate with or view your brand differently is now more important and viable as a marketing option than ever.

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The Rise of Streaming, SVOD, and AVOD